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  1. Here’s a tip: Check out Heather’s Healthy Harvest on Rueben!

  2. Hi E: Kemptville has a ukulele group called the Kemptville Ukulele Experience (UKE). We have a jam session every second Sunday of the month at the Branch (Bruce is our host). The Ottawa Folklore Centre is our sponsor providing loaner ukes, UKE Jam songbooks and often leading the group through the songbook. We have from beginner level to expert level – children and adults. It is a low stress event meant to bring together people to enjoy the ukulele, sing and laugh It really is a blast – plus you get to meet people. You mom and brother have been at a UKE Jam.
    BTW for the purist ukulele is pronounced oo -ke -lay-lay.
    Stay tuned,

  3. Our next meeting is Sunday February 9th at the Branch. I have to confirm a time with Bruce.
    Bring your uke (or we can provide you with one), bring a friend bring children. I’ll let you know.
    BTW: Bruce has done quite a bit of renos at the restaurant which could be a good topic.

  4. Anne says:

    Great Blog Erika!
    Having a cottage here since 1967 and now a permanent residence on the water
    It is wonderful to see all the GOOD things NG has to offer now

  5. Vincent says:

    nice timeline drawing on the top of your Blog…..wonder who did that?

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