About Erika

The Kemptville that I moved to in April 2012 is not the same Kemptville I left over 10 years ago.

As I walked down the streets in my new neighbourhood, they seemed both familiar and altogether new.  Part of this change was in me.  A lot can happen in a decade.  Like a wedding, a life-changing honeymoon, a dog, a toddler, and an infant.  But part of the change was in Kemptville itself.

Some things stayed the same.  But I am amazed at the new and exciting businesses that have opened in Kemptville.  The coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.  I found myself surprised at all there is to see and do and decided to explore further.

As I rediscover my hometown, I thought you might like to too.  This is a blog for the locals who are looking for things to do, as well as for visitors who want to know what the area has to offer.

This blog is written by me, Erika Cuccaro.  I’m a writer for hire, a mom, a wife, and I’d be pleased if you’d let me be your guide on this adventure.  Will you join me?

4 Responses to About Erika

  1. John says:

    Good luck with your 52 weeks blog Erika!

  2. What a great story teller! Thanks for taking us around Kemptville, Erika – I’ve discovered many new places (and so have a few of my friends!) and am always looking forward to the next place. Keep up the good work!

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