Meet the Candidate: Frank Onasanya

It’s election season and the municipal campaign is in full swing!  I am pleased to present my Q&A series with our local candidates, and I hope it gives you a sense of who they are and what they stand for.  New profiles will go up every Tuesday and Thursday!

Election Day is October 27, and you can vote online or by telephone any time between October 20 at 10:00am and October 27 at 8:00pm.  Check the North Grenville website for more details!

52WeeksNG: What do you love about North Grenville?

Frank Onasanya

Frank Onasanya

Frank Onasanya:  Among the many, many things I love about North Grenville is our link to the natural world – this is our home where the moon, the stars, the smell of fresh air and the sound of birds comfort us. We can see the stars at night. We can hear the sounds of nature around us — and that is something that is impossible in cities. It is so important that, as we grow and develop as a community, that we preserve this magic for ourselves, for our families, and for our friends and neighbours.

52WeeksNG: Can you share a hidden treasure in your corner of NG?

Frank Onasanya: Yes of course I can share… My family and I love taking a long country drive enjoying the beauty nature presents us and the breath of fresh air coupled with the soothing musical sounds of the birds. We enjoy walking the trails holding hands and playing funny games on our walks and we also enjoy fishing off the dock at Curry Park

52WeeksNG: What are 3 – 5 issues that you would tackle if you were elected?

  1. Economic Development and Growth so our youth have jobs to stay here in their home community after they have completed their education.  This means attracting mid-size and larger companies to our community to provide well-paying, sustainable jobs.   Development and growth also includes supporting our base of community volunteers and many service organizations that support things like the Dandelion Festival, Farmers Market and Community Theatre.
  2. Promoting Healthy Living and Safety for All.  This means ensuring we have the infrastructure to suit the sports, arts, indoor, outdoor and other recreational interests of all ages – plus , for example, sidewalks where we can be encouraged to walk – and walk safely.
  3. Preserving our small-town atmosphere and links to nature.  This has to be a constant consideration when promoting economic development – and we can do both. We want to remain green while growing — and preserve our history and small-town culture.
  4. Representing the community.  I will represent our communities by listening to people and serving as their voice on Council when decisions are to be made. – and ensuring wide consultation is done before decisions are made. I will work with my fellow councillors to harness our collective energy and expertise. I will work with our community, including service clubs and volunteer groups – because the municipality can’t (and shouldn’t) try to do everything on its own. By tapping into all the energy and opportunities in our community, we can get the most accomplished.

52WeeksNG: Why is it important to vote in municipal elections?

Frank Onasanya:  Although federal and provincial elections seem to have a higher profile with so much money spent on television advertising, it’s our municipalities that really touch us the most. Our municipalities directly affect our quality of life through services such as programs and recreation, community safety, property taxes, waste disposal, libraries and so much more.

It’s important to vote in municipal elections to have a say and elect representatives that will positively impact our local quality of life. Also, because the election is about you, your family, friends, your tomorrow, your legacy, yours and your children’s future and because it’s your town and the future of your country Canada

52WeeksNG: How do you like to spend your spare time?

Frank Onasanya:  I love spending any spare time I have with my family – my wife and children doing what family do best…enjoying the company of one another, going to places like parks, museums, beach, movie theatres and visiting friends and family.  I spend a lot of time coaching soccer – teams, players of all ages.

I have spent a lot of time over the past several years preparing for this election – going to Council meetings, listening to people, and getting to know our people and community even better than I did before.

52WeeksNG: What is one thing the people of NG might be surprised to learn about you?

Frank Onasanya:  I play the percussions and drums (Maracas, Cleps, Bongo, Conga and Talking Drums). I sing and play in a Church worship team; I can play my percussions and drums to any type of music. I love my music and playing very much as it’s my escape route to a peaceful, refreshing, relaxing and meditation paradise. Nothing in the world is as peaceful to me as this.

52WeeksNG: What would you like to say to the people of NG?

Frank Onasanya:  In leading up to this election, I have spent many years coaching soccer players of all ages. I’ve been a volunteer in North Grenville schools, a volunteer in our local Kinsmen Club and a volunteer at the Kemptville Youth Centre. I have attended meetings of Municipal Council and many community meetings. My wife and I have raised our family here. We’ve shopped, gone to church and made many friends in North Grenville. I’ve talked to a lot of people to learn what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.

I know this community and I care about its future – for my family – and for you, and your families, and your friends and neighbours. I want to help make a real difference in our community – and I can do that as a member of Council

The issues are important – How do we attract our kids back to this community after they’ve completed their education? How do we support our seniors with care and dignity — and offer them the opportunity to stay active? How do we help our community to grow and develop and keep our rural roots, small-town feel and healthy lifestyle?

As your Councillor, these are what I will work for. I will be your voice at the council table. I will be available to you to hear your views — and understand your concerns and issues. I will listen so I can then act to help you. I will work hard to represent the interests of people in all our communities – whether they are from Bishop’s Mills, Burritts’ Rapids, Oxford Mills, Kemptville or any other part of North Grenville.

And I will work with my fellow Councillors because the whole of council is much more effective than any of us as individuals. For many years, sport has been one of my passions. Through coaching, I have been able to instill self-confidence and a sense of teamwork and belonging. I will bring that same collaborative and active approach to municipal politics as your North Grenville Councillor.

I am running for Council to make an effective, positive contribution to how our municipality operates. I will do this by positively influencing decisions that impact the lives of everyone in North Grenville.

For more information, you can find Frank on Facebook and follow him on Twitter!

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