Meet the Candidate: John Barclay

It’s election season and the municipal campaign is in full swing!  I am pleased to present my Q&A series with our local candidates, and I hope it gives you a sense of who they are and what they stand for.  New profiles will go up every Tuesday and Thursday!

Election Day is October 27, and you can vote online or by telephone any time between October 20 at 10:00am and October 27 at 8:00pm.  Check the North Grenville website for more details!

Mark your calendars – the NG Times All-Candidates Event is taking place on October 16th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm at the North Grenville Municipal Centre {285 County Road #44, Kemptville, ON} 

John Barclay

John Barclay

52WeeksNG: What do you love about North Grenville?

John Barclay: Besides seeing the stars at night, I love the independence, self-reliance and generous spirit of the people who call North Grenville home. I love Carey’s handshake, Fran’s smile and the way Jim sighs when he’s a bit frustrated.

52WeeksNG: Can you share a hidden treasure in your corner of NG?

John Barclay: Not so much hidden, as under-utilized – Maplewood Park, Maplewood Hall and the former Oxford-on-Rideau Township Hall. They are all historic “jewels” located in Oxford Mills, the heart (and soul) of North Grenville.


{Photo submitted by John Barclay} The 2012 Oxford Mills-Kemptville Canada Day Coordinating Committee.

52WeeksNG: What are 3 – 5 issues that you would tackle if you were elected?

John Barclay: The issues I’d like to tackle are:

  • How do we best to handle growth while maintaining a strong sense of community?
  • How do we improve fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency?
  • How can we have a stronger voice at County Council and at the other levels of government in Toronto and Ottawa?
  • How can we implement the 2013 Community Strategic Plan more effectively and on a faster timeline?
  • Finally, how do we improve job opportunities and recreational options for North Grenville’s many young families? ?


{Photo submitted by John Barclay} John’s position as Resource Developer for the Kemtville Youth Centre is announced at KYC’s 20th Anniversary.

52WeeksNG: Why is it important to vote in municipal elections?

John Barclay: How else do you earn the right to complain?

52WeeksNG: How do you like to spend your spare time?


{Photo submitted by John Barclay} John is a founding member of the Grenville Miltia re-enactor group, promoting education about our local history.

John Barclay: Sailing, vegetable gardening (beets for pickling), reading (non-fiction mostly) and building community through volunteering.

52WeeksNG: What is one thing the people of NG might be surprised to learn about you?

John Barclay: I’m the Producer of “Resolving Conflict Creatively” an educational video series on conflict resolution that has been acclaimed and sold worldwide to schools, libraries, college and community centres. One popular episode entitled “Healing Circles” is used as an Anti-Bullying Resource.

52WeeksNG: What would you like to say to the people of NG?


{Photo submitted by John Barclay} John spoke about his involvement with Marketplates and the Dandelion Festival at the 2014 Grenville Community Futures Development Corporations 2014 Annual General Meeting.

John Barclay:  Economic development and social development are inextricably linked together. We need to strengthen the ties that bind us together including an appreciation and respect for nature, an interest in growing local business opportunities and support for our volunteer organizations and faith communities. I understand the economic and political realities of North Grenville – we need to maintain our infrastructure and manage growth. I’m prepared to make the difficult decisions that need to be made over the next four critical years and to communicate effectively the reasons why. I will be an effective voice for North Grenville at both the County and at Federal and Provincial levels of government.

For more information, you can visit John’s website, YouTube channel or find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!

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