Having a Garage Sale…?

garage sale 1Are you having a garage sale?

Do you want some free advertising?

Message me on Facebook or email 52weeksng@gmail.com the Thursday before your sale to be featured on my new Garage Sale Round-up!

garage sale 2Everyone is welcome, from Heckston to Burritt’s Rapids! Please include your address, a short description of the items you will have for sale, and anything else you think treasure hunters would want to know {for example…that lemonade & treats will also be available…bloggers treasure hunters love lemonade and treats!}!

Thank you!

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2 Responses to Having a Garage Sale…?

  1. Hi E

    The folks on the less travelled roads do not much garage sale exposure. I was thinking that a community based garage sale say at the soccer fields on 22 (Old South Gower) would be great for a community garage sale. We could call it, “If I don’t get rid of this stuff my spouse will get rid of me – sale” NOT THAT THIS PERTAINS TO ME 🙂

    I’m sure the UKE group would attend, play and there may be a BBQ.

    Just a brain fart, Tony

    • 52weeksNG says:

      Hi Tony,
      That sounds like a great idea…they had community yard sales there when I was a kid and it was always lots of fun! The Rock My House students could even perform for the crowds. 🙂 Please let me know when/if the dates firm up!

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