Week 12: The Branch Restaurant & Texas Grill


This week’s adventure took me to The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill.  It’s not an easy feat to sum up The Branch.  It’s not just a restaurant or a music venue; it’s a community hub.  Co-owners Bruce Enloe and Nicole LeBlanc are seriously community-minded, eco-conscious, and downright *nice* people to be around.  They work hard to offer top quality ingredients, a variety of menus (gluten-free and vegan diets can be accommodated), and musical acts to appeal to their customers.


Tomato + Endive soup

I’ve spent a lot of time at The Branch

Over the past year, I’ve discovered:

  • The take-out dinner for four serves up a generous portion of smoky, smoky goodness that satisfied four hungry adults and a ravenous toddler.
  • Their catering is spot-on.  At a Christmas lunch, I was treated to three kinds of wraps, two salads, and a heavenly bread pudding still warm from the oven.  (Thanks to TD Graham+Associates for the invitation!)
  • Catching a local band {like Barn} and enjoying a beer or two with friends = the perfect NG night out.

The Rubber Boots Buffet


This one’s for you, Jen D.!!

The last thing on my list was to try the Rubber Boots Buffet,  an all-you-can-eat comfort food feast set to the tune of an open stage.  The buffet is offered every Sunday from 2:00 – 8:00 pm and costs is $14.99/person; kids under the age of 12 pay their age.  Last weekend, the stars aligned and we met some long-lost friends for the buffet.

It did not disappoint.

We chose a cosy booth near the stage and ordered drinks.  I had Beau’s on the mind and tried Ellsmere’s Regret {chocolate, marshmallow and hemp stout}.  We started with a beautiful fresh salad bar with two kinds of dressing {a nice dill-y one and “Branch” dressing – both tasted light, fresh, and creamy}.  There were three soups – tomato+endive, macaroni+beef, and another that I forgot to record {blame Ellsmere’s Regret, if you like}.  Finally, the main dishes – chicken pot pie and vegetable risotto.


Salad bar + corn bread with a bite missing {Thanks, Matteo!}

Usually I leave a buffet feeling like sleeping away the afternoon but not last week!  The buffet was light, yet satisfying.  The entire meal was standout, but I have to say that at the top of my list were the pot pie crust and the corn bread.  They were absolutely outstanding and, I suspect, highly addictive.

As we marinated in the afterglow of our meal, Chef Bruce and another gentlemen took to the stage, playing acoustic versions of classic rock hits by the Beatles, Elvis, and other.  We all loved it and Matteo did his signature dance move – bopping against the back of the booth in time to the tunes.

DSCF6353Did I mention the music?

Music plays a key role in The Branch’s dynamic and musicians get a very warm welcome when they visit.  “The venue is intimate and has great acoustics,” says Bruce.  “These two qualities build rapport between musicians and the audience.”  With a mix of local and national talent, The Branch has seen the likes of Danny Michel, Josef Mieto, Ron Hynes and Bella Borealis take the stage. Just like the regulars, musicians love coming to The Branch and Bruce has been approached more than once by an artist wishing to return.

“The Branch is a gem with its charming atmosphere, friendly staff, attentive audiences, and delicious food,” says Shannon Rose, a singer-songwriter from Ottawa.  “I think because Bruce is also a musician, he knows what it takes to make a great live music venue.  It’s always such a pleasure to play  here!”

Next, on The Food Network…

This March, The Branch will be featured on the Food Network show, You Gotta Eat Here.  Bruce and Nicole say they had a blast filming the episode and they look forward to see it on TV.  The air date is TBA, so please check the You Gotta Eat Here website for details.

The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill

15 Clothier St. East, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0






Wednesday – Saturday 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Sunday 2:00 – 8:00 pm


The mains {plus more corn bread}.

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8 Responses to Week 12: The Branch Restaurant & Texas Grill

  1. Julie Greene says:

    Excellent post! And now…I’m starving!

  2. Sonja Bertram says:

    The Branch is a real gem here in Kemptville, not only as a great restaurant and musical event venue, but also for the owner’s involvement in the community, we are really fortunate to have them in our midst. thanks Erika for bringing them forward, now Bruce and Nicole should “take a little bow” well done,

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