Week 11: Cowork Junction




One thing I miss about working in an office is the water cooler stuff.  Chatting with coworkers, bouncing ideas around, and generally soaking in that busy-bee vibe.  That, and the ability to leave the mountains of laundry behind when you shut the front door in the morning.  Working from home, it’s incredible how something that seemed like a chore the night before becomes no less than your life’s calling when a deadline is looming.

Now, imagine a place where entrepreneurs and telecommuters can work side by side, without the ominous presence of household chores.  Coworking offices are popping up in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.  Now Kemptville can claim one of its’ own: Cowork Junction.  More than just an office away from home, Cowork Junction offers members the opportunity to collaborate and provides a fertile ground for innovative ideas to sprout and grow.


The kitchenette, with a microwave, refrigerator, and the all-important coffee maker.

Cowork Junction is right on top of The Branch at 13 Clothier Street.  It’s a warm and inviting space with wooden floors and big sunny windows that overlook Prescott Street.  There’s original artwork on the walls, Wi-fi and a printer, as well as a kitchenette.  The main room has a large meeting table that can accommodate 10 – 12 people, and there is also a full washroom with a shower and a small private meeting room.

Co-founder Kelly Rasmussen is a self-employed consultant who specializes in education technology.  She is also one of the founding members of iSisters, a not-for-profit organization that mentors women in need, teaching them how to use technology in order to enter and succeed in the workplace.  “We’ve had a lot of positive vibes from the community,” says Kelly.  “So far the space has been used for photo shoots and served as a meeting space for local community groups and businesses.”  Another group, the Business Incubator, hosts free, weekly TGIF Business Chats every Friday night.


Is this seat taken?

The Cowork Junction M.O. is flexibility.  You can buy a six-month membership, which includes a desk, Wi-fi, and access to the printer, kitchenette, and meeting room.  You can also go month-by-month, or contact Kelly for a custom arrangement or to book the space for a special event.  Local artists and photographers are welcome to show their work on the walls.

The idea of working and living in the same town is attractive to many, and Cowork Junction offers entrepreneurs and telecommuters the chance to draw a line between their work and home lives.  And to sweeten the deal, after putting in a solid week of work, you can pop into The Branch downstairs for a pint and live music…how’s that for work-life balance?


Cowork Junction

13 Clothier Street, 2nd Floor






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4 Responses to Week 11: Cowork Junction

  1. sonja Bertram says:

    love it……and thanks for the “heads up” about this venue..well done

  2. Pingback: Week 14: The Kemptville Business Incubator & Investment Centre | 52weeksng

  3. Infowan says:

    Coworking space in Kemptville? Wow! I do this all the time in TO. It’s great for meeting clients somewhere other than a bar. It also solves a big problem that I ran into that I’m sure many other entrepreneurs may not know about. My home insurance was almost cancelled after they found out I had hosted client meetings at home. Even with separate business insurance they said no go! (Not all small business red tape is government.)

    • 52weeksNG says:

      Hi Blake – it’s definitely an exciting development for Kemptville! They have a great small meeting room too, with room for 2 – 3 people. Good tip re: the insurance…I had no idea! Thanks for reading the blog!

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