Week 10: Comfort by AJs

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict {Photo by Robin Cuccaro – thanks Robin!}

{Updated on October 3, 2014: Sadly, Comfort has closed but I’m leaving this story up as a reminder of the great time we had there, and as a testament to the quality, care, and commitment that Phil and Jes put into every meal.}

One of the tough things about writing this blog is the research.  Last Sunday, for example, I and several intrepid members of the Cuccaro clan went to brunch at Comfort by AJs.


Welcome to Comfort!

I hope you can tell I’m joking because honestly, Comfort was an absolute treat.

Phil and Jes Carswell are the heart and soul behind the restaurant that serves “chef-ed up” versions of classic comfort food.  They use the freshest ingredients and take their time to prepare each dish; the lamb for the Shepherd’s Pie takes 8 hours in the oven.  They make everything in-house from the pasta to the desserts, and the bread.  Oh, the bread.  When I sat down to talk to them, Phil had just finished making the daily bread, which was stuffed with mozzarella, feta, and artichoke.  With a new combination every day, the bread alone is worth the trip!


Pancakes with lemon curd and blueberry compote. {Photo by Robin Cuccaro – thanks Robin!}

The atmosphere in the restaurant is all about quality and approachability, with a large chalkboard menu on the wall and cloth tablecloths and napkins.  “It’s like having a dinner party every night,” says Jes.  “We want to wow our guests.” Their commitment to fresh ingredients and warm hospitality pays off – on New Year’s Eve, Phil earned a round of applause from the full house.

Guests can order dinner à la carte or they can treat themselves to a three course meal of an appetizer, entrée, and homemade dessert for $29.00.

Clearly, dinner at Comfort sounds incredible but did you know they are also open for Sunday brunch?  As soon as I found out, I made reservations for a Groundhog Day brunch.  Our group of seven ordered pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Comfort Hash, and the Hangover.


Tangy baked beans.

I ordered The Hangover, not because I had one but because it’s Phil and Jes’ favourite dish on the brunch menu.  It was a supremely satisfying mountain of crispy fried chicken resting upon a biscuit covered with an avalanche of rich gravy.  With an egg on top.  And beans on the side.

As you can see in the photos, the portion sizes are generous – what the photos don’t reveal are the incredible flavours and textures locked into every meal.    From the fluffiness of the pancakes to the zingy-ness of the pulled pork and baked beans, we left Comfort feeling cosy, happy, and cared for.

On Sunday evening, we asked Matteo wanted he wanted for dinner {believe it or not, I abstained because The Hangover was so, so, so filling!}.  He asked for brunch.  And he was right – if I had to revisit brunch at Comfort every day, like in the movie Groundhog Day, I would be a happy person.  And I can’t wait to visit Comfort for dinner.  I hear the Chicken Pot Pie is to die for.

Comfort by AJs

115 Sanders St., Kemptville, ON; K0G 1J0






Tuesday – Saturday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Reservations recommended.


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4 Responses to Week 10: Comfort by AJs

  1. sonja bertram says:

    the p-hoto’s are amazing….I’m definitely going to make a Sunday brunch visit….thanks very much Erika

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