Week 6: The Captain’s Sea Selections


One of the great things about living downtown is spotting new developments. In November I noticed a flashing neon sign in the window beside John’s Barber Shop on Sanders Street. Later on came a small sign advertising a fresh fish & seafood market would be moving in. One Sunday morning, as I walked by with the little ones, Matteo noticed a large aquarium in the window; I noticed the “Open” sign. We went in and met The Captain, a charismatic and knowledgeable businessman with seemingly unending passion for good, healthy food and great customer service.


‘Tis the Captain himself.

The Captain (aka Jim Warrington) has a decade of experience working on cruise ships and has apprenticed at the Merivale Fish Market in Ottawa. He knows how to prepare seafood from all around the world. I’ve been into the shop several times over the past few months and The Captain handily fields every question you throw him – this man knows what he’s talking about! And he’s eager to share his knowledge with his customers. Starting on January 18th, The Captain’s Sea Selections will be hosting weekly recipe exchanges on Saturday nights, where customers can ask questions, swap cooking tips and recipes, and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee.


When buying lobster look for dark or black eyes.

Let’s talk about the fresh seafood. You might be wondering: how fresh is fresh?’ It’s straight off the boat. The fishing boats dock in Montreal, full of bounty, at 4:00am on weekday mornings. The Captain is one of 50 – 100 fish mongers bidding for the freshest seafood available. Sea Selections stocks everything from salmon to swordfish, oysters to mussels, and lobsters to crabs. And if he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, The Captain can get it. “I have connections from Montreal to Belleville,” he says. “If I don’t have it, I can get it for you in six hours flat.” If you buy lobster or crab, he will happily walk you through the cooking process or steam them for you himself. “You get a better flavour by steaming,” he says. “And the meat is more nutritious because the nutrients aren’t lost in the water.”


I bought just over $14 worth of cod, which ended up being enough to serve two meals for two adults (or one meal for four adults). The cod was nice and thick and was incredibly easy to prepare. On Thursday I’ll post the recipe for the delicious lemony/garlicky/cod pasta dish as well as a nice spice rub that paired well with roasted sweet potatoes and vegetables.

The Captain also offers a daily lunch menu from 11:00 – 2:30 pm on Wednesdays – Saturdays. His most popular lunch items are fish tacos and…wait for it…fresh sushi! And for a little sweet treat, he sells Captain’s Squares (think Rice Krispie squares but with Captain Crunch instead).

I’m excited about The Captain’s Sea Selections. With such wide a variety of fresh seafood available so close to home, I have a feeling 2014 will be a very healthy year!

The Captain’s Sea Selections

209 Sanders St., Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0


Wednesday – Friday 10:30 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm


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12 Responses to Week 6: The Captain’s Sea Selections

  1. Graham Pincott says:

    Hi Erika Have you thought about setting up a Facebook page for this to go out on? I love getting them and want to share them to as many locals as possible


  2. Ralph Bangs says:

    Can you have a sit down meal at this place

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  4. The Captain’s fish is actually fresh and wild catch (not farmed), I do stop in regularly for my fish or seafood fix.

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  6. Chuck Gruchy says:

    Just learned about the Captain. Will be dropping in this aft.

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