Week 1: Geronimo Coffee


I thought it would be fun to start this adventure the same way most people start their day – with a cup of coffee.

DSCF5196It was a chilly Monday morning when I first visited Geronimo. After catching a mere 60 minutes of sleep the night before, I was ready for a jolt of caffeine to feel more or less human again.  The smooth jazz, exposed brick walls, and the smell of home-baked goods wafting from the kitchen quickly warmed me up as I followed my nose to the counter to order an Americano.

There were two regulars chatting with owner, Heather Childs, as they enjoyed breakfast at the counter, and a steady stream of customers flowing in and out of the coffee shop. Heather, an 11-year veteran of the restaurant business, says it’s all about making her customers feel welcome. “You get to know people,” she says.  “If a few days go by and you don’t see someone, you ask around.  It’s a small town and people really notice you.”

DSCF5184As we chatted, I have to admit that my eye wandered to the display case full of treats and the menu board boasting an array of simple, healthy sandwiches and beef barley soup for lunch.

Heather makes everything in-house.  “Growing up, my mom baked everything from scratch, even pastry, and I’ve always loved baking for myself and my friends,” she says.  “Now it’s just on a larger scale.”

I bought a butter tart, milk chocolate scone, and cinnamon roll to take home with me.  {spoiler alert: the pastry was perfectly light and flaky and the treats tasted fresh, wholesome, and not-too-sweet…which I loved!}  My piping hot Americano {straight up, with no milk or sugar} was smooth and had no aftertaste.  Since my first visit, I’ve been back for more and the coffee is consistently good.


Geronimo is a popular coffee spot for a wide demographic.  “We see lots of kids from the high schools and local businesspeople often meet clients here,” says Heather.  “Moms like the kids’ area and seniors like spending an hour or two curled up with a good book.”

They say their coffee will wake the dead, but will a fresh brewed Americano from Geronimo do the trick for a new mom who’s running on one hour of sleep?

The answer is: yes.

Geronimo Coffee

146 Prescott St., Kemptville, ON


Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm



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4 Responses to Week 1: Geronimo Coffee

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Erika
    What a GREAT idea.
    Because of your efforts I’m going 2 rediscover Kemptville and NG area!
    Thanks again and hope you get more sleep!

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