Hello, I’m Erika!

Hello there,

I’m Erika, and for the next 52 weeks I’ll be exploring Kemptville and its surrounding hamlets, which make up North Grenville.  Every week I’ll profile a business or destination that catches my eye to share with you.  Whether you’re a North Grenville native, local or a day tripper from another city, I promise to do the legwork so when you find yourself with a free day, you can get straight to the business of having fun in NG!

So.  Who am I anyway?

My family moved to South Gower when I was 4 1/2.  At the time, the Kemptville mall was on the very edge of town and it ended at The 5 Star restaurant.

Me - then

This was me then.

I was in the first French Immersion cohort at the Kemptville Public School, and the last to go through Junior High at North Grenville District High School.  I played trumpet in the high school band and had a short lived career in the school’s drama club.  In the summers, my friends and I biked everywhere between Heckston and Oxford Mills.  In the winters, we got snowed in at each other’s houses and had movie marathons.

The year I moved away from home was the same year my parents got a puppy and Kemptville got its first Tim Hortons.  As the years slid by, I was unaware of the incredible changes occurring in my hometown; I was too busy experiencing many firsts in my life: first love, first office job, first apartment.  I got married to Joe, we travelled to Europe.  We adopted Cooper the Cairn Terrier.  We had our first child, Matteo.

By 2012, our one-bedroom apartment in Ottawa’s Byward Market was bursting so Joe and I decided to move home.  We chose a cute home in downtown Kemptville, which is an ideal location because we can walk anywhere in the downtown core in 20 minutes or less.

As I set out to rediscover Kemptville, you know what?  I was surprised by what I found: cute shops, friendly coffee houses, live music,…things to do!

Me - now

The idea to start a blog about North Grenville planted itself in my mind but I was too busy to take action.  I was working in Ottawa and spent 12 hours a day away from home.  The weekends were a haze of chores and catching up with Joe, Matteo, family, and friends.

Then, 2013 happened.  In March I, like many others in the recent past, was laid off from the non-profit where I worked.  Suddenly I had time on my hands.  Then in August, baby Leona was born and all that time disappeared!  🙂

But I have returned to my intrepid discovery of North Grenville – this time with Leona secure in her snugli, and a notebook and pen tucked in my pocket – and I invite you to come along with me.

People have asked me, “Who are you doing this for?”.  They want to know if this is a paid gig.  It’s not.  I’m doing this for me – to document my exploration into my new life.  And I’m doing this for you – because I hope you discover something new about North Grenville.

The first profile goes up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Let the adventure begin!

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16 Responses to Hello, I’m Erika!

  1. Jessica says:

    What a great idea! I’ve really enjoyed discovering some of the little gems in Kemptville. Can’t wait to read about your experiences.

  2. Anelle says:

    Oh, this is great, Erika! I’m following this! Thank you.

  3. matt cyr says:

    looking forward to hearing more about the little town of Kemptville. I was recently at the hospital to bring my wife for a day surgery…I was worried when I saw that the hospital looked like an elementry school. .but I must say that I wad impressed by the friendly staff and comfort of the waiting lounge. looking forward to reading more about it!

  4. What a great way to begin your exploration into North Grenville by beginning at Geronimo’s. There are so many aspects to explore, from the family run businesses to the many volunteers that make up this great area. Looking forward to reading this blog. Thanks for doing this Erika!

    • 52weeksNG says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Marguerite. 🙂 You’re right…there’s so much to discover in NG that I think I may need to extend my timeline to do it properly!

  5. Anelle says:

    Erika, can I share you blog on my FB page/business blog, please? If you wish to discuss this please send me your email address and I can email you 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you find! Amazing what we know about the world and sometimes we forget about the wonders in our own backyards!

  7. Sonja Bertram says:

    looking forward to next weeks’ posting…can’t wait..and thanks for doing this ….

  8. Barb Tobin says:

    Love this site!!!!

    • 52weeksNG says:

      Thank you Barb – I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!! {sidebar: I loved your Photography class at NGDHS and I’m so pleased to be applying what I learned from you.}

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